Clinical Mentorships

Advanced Intensive Mentorship in Diagnosis and Treatment
of Sensory Processing Disorder

Didactic Lecture Sessions

Participants of The Advanced Intensive Mentorship in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder attend structured program lectures to include the following topics:
  • Assessment: an understanding of SPD and the SPD subtypes, methods of assessing and diagnosing SPD, review of parent-report and standardized measures for assessing sensory and motor function
  • Intervention: a review of basic principles of sensory integration intervention using Ayres' original principles, and advanced treatment using our clinical reasoning methodology;
  • Outcome Measurement: use of Goal Attainment Scaling and other standardized outcome measures that participants can use in their settings to evaluate treatment effectiveness;
  • Family Engagement: methods of including families as partners in the treatment process and an understanding of how family and individual psychological dynamics affect OT treatment; and
  • Listening Therapy:introduction to Listening Therapy as a complement to OT/PT for children with SPD.

Didactic Lecture Sessions - Level 1 Clinical Reasoning in Intervention:

Lecture sessions in the Advanced Intensive in Diagnosis and Treatment of SPD: Level 1 will include the following topics:
  • State of the field: an overview of SPD research and the DSM application
  • Advanced clinical reasoning: Use of the Sensory Matrix and the SECRET model of treatment planning
  • Administration and scoring standardized assessments: Understanding standards scoring systems and "Growth scales" based on Rasch measurement
  • Note-taking in clinical practice: use of a clinical reasoning model
  • Clues for writing an advanced synthesized evaluation report
  • Introduction to Listening Therapy

Didactic Lecture Sessions - Level 2, 3, 4, 5 ---- Coming soon!

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