Research articles from the SPD Foundation: 2007-2012


Key Articles Related to the Validity of SPD


Adults and SPD

Assessment, SPD

Auditory processing

Autism (ASD) and SPD

Childhood development and SPD


Dentist, going to

Developmental disorders

Diagnosis, SPD

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

See also DSM

Effectiveness, treatment

see also Intervention

Family life

Fragile X Syndrome and SPD

Gifted and SPD

Goal attainment scaling


Intervention, SPD

see also Effectiveness, treatment

Home activities

- see also ACTIVITIES

Learning disabilities and SPD

Listening Therapy

Motor functioning

see also Sensory-Based Motor Disorder

Multisensory processing

Neurophysiological evidence


See also - SUBTYPES, SPD

Occupational therapy

see also Intervention, SPD; Effectiveness, treatment

Prevalence, SPD

Research, SPD-Scientific Work Group


Scientific Work Group (SWG)

- See also - SPD-Scientific Work Group, research

Sensory-Based Motor Disorder (SBMD)

see also Neurophysiologic evidence; Subtypes, SPD; Motor functioning

Sensory Challenge Protocol

Sensory defensiveness

– See also Sensory Over-Responsivity

Sensory Discrimination Disorder (SDD)

see also Auditory Processing

Sensory integration, theory

Sensory Modulation Disorder (SMD)

see also Subtypes, SPD; Sensory Over-Responsivity; Sensory Under-Responsivity; Sensory-Seeking;

Sensory Over-Responsivity (SOR)

see also Neurophysiologic evidence; Subtypes, SPD

Sensory Seeking

see also Subtypes, SPD

Sensory Under-Responsivity (SUR)

see also Subtypes, SPD

Subtypes, SPD

see also Sensory Modulation Disorder, Sensory Discrimination Disorder, Sensory Under-Responsivity, Sensory Over-Responsivity

Symptoms, SPD

Tips, teacher


- see also Effectiveness, Treatment
- see also Intervention

Visual processing

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