The Adult Sensory Profile: Measuring Patterns of Sensory Processing

Brown, C., Tollefson, N., Dunn, W., Cromwell, R., Filion, D. (2001). The Adult Sensory Profile: measuring patterns of sensory processing. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 55, 75-82.

The reliability and validity studies of the Adult Sensory Profile are reported. Expert judges evaluated the construct validity of the items. Scores from the profiles of 615 adults were used to examine item reliability with Coefficient alpha, factor analysis, and correlations of items with subscales determined item reliability. Additionally, 20 adults furnished skin conductance data. A revised format was then completed with 93 adults, and item reliability was reexamined.

Expert judgment indicated that items could be categorized according to Dunn's Model of Sensory Processing. Reasonable item reliability was found for all subscales except Sensation Avoiding. Revision resulted in improved reliability of the Sensation Avoiding subscale. Distinct patterns of physiological responses consistent with the four-quadrant model were found via the skin conductance measures supporting adult patterns of sensory preferences.

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