Brain Mechanisms for Reading in Children With and Without Dyslexia: A Review of Studies of Normal Development and Plasticity

Papanicolaou, A.C., Simos, P.G., Breier, J.I., Fletcher, J.M., Foorman, B.R., Francis, D., Castillo, E.M., & Davis, R.N. (2003). Brain mechanisms for reading in children with and without dyslexia: A review of studies of normal development and plasticity. Developmental Neuropsychology, 24, 593-612.

This paper reviews studies of dyslexia using magnetic source imaging or MSI. The researchers have compared normal readers, readers with dyslexia and children at risk for dyslexia on brain activation and found significant differences in brain activation maps between these groups. The researchers feel, and have preliminary data to support, that the differences reflect abnormal brain organization, which may be altered and returned to more normal patterns following appropriate intervention.

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