Sensor Neural Hearing Loss in Chronic Obits Media

Pap, Z., Razes, S., Joke, I., & Silken, I. (2003). Sensor neural hearing loss in chronic otitis media. Otology & Neurotology, 24, 141-144.

This retrospective study examined the relationship of chronic ear infections to hearing loss in 121 clients. Three frequencies were measured for hearing loss in the subjects and thresholds at 4kHz were examined as well. Chronic otitis media was related to hearing loss, with the loss increasing gradually according to the duration of the ear infections. Hearing thresholds shifts were more accentuated with increasing age. More hearing loss was apparent at 4kHZ than at speech frequencies. The authors suggest that the inner ear is vulnerable with greater vulnerability with increasing age. Proximity to the infection may mean higher exposure as the cells processing higher frequencies appeared to be more damaged.

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