Occupational Therapy Effects on Visual Motor Skills in Preschool Children

Dankert, H.L., Davies, P.L. & Gavin, W.J. (2003). Occupational therapy effects on visual motor skills in preschool children. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 57, 542-549.

The effectiveness of occupational therapy in improving visual motor abilities was investigated in preschool age children. Three groups of children completed measurements of their visual motor skills with the Test of Visual Motor Integration and the two supplemental visual perception and motor coordination tests at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. One group consisted of 12 children with disabilities who received OT, another group consisted of 16 children without disabilities who received OT, and a third group consisted of 15 children without disabilities who did not receive OT. The first group received one individual 30 minute session and one group 30 minute session of OT each week. The second group received one 30-minute group session. The results showed that the first group, the children with disabilities, gained in visual motor performance at a rate faster than expected when they were compared to the other children. The differences in post test performance of the two groups of children without disabilities were not statistically significant. The results demonstrate that OT is effective for children with disabilities in improving visual motor skill.

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