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I'M OK, OLE!: (2012)
Coles Whalen (words and music)
Covering multiple music genres from tango to swing, this fun, upbeat CD gets kids and adults moving while original lyrics inspire self confidence, sharing and self control.
$15 +$4.95 s&h

Track list:

1. The Great Food Explorer
2. I'm Ok, Ol!
3. Words
4. Sherman
5. Mr. Tantrum
6. Concentrator Alligator
    7. Taking Turns
8. The List
9. I Can Get Dressed
10. I Can Learn From My Mistakes
11. The Game of Life

The Wiggly Scarecrow: (2005)
Coles Whalen (words and music)
Fabulous, fun, CD of fifteen songs created expressly for children with SPD. CD includes a printable guide "How to use these songs to move, think, relate and rest." "You will love this CD!"
$15 +$4.95 s&h

Track list:

1. Playing Games is All About Fun
2. My Mouth
3. Dancin' Cowboy Rodeo
4. I'm a Little Airplane
5. Balancing Me
6. My Brain is a Working Machine
7. Roly Poly
8. The Wiggly Scarecrow
    9. How does it go?
10. O-My-Brush-A
11. Noisy Hushy Troop
12. Wishy Washy Men
13. Noilee & Prat
14. Nappy King
15. Breathing

28 Instant Songames – CD with booklet (2005)
MaBoAubLo and Barbara Sher
Includes games of body awareness, movement play, feeling identification, and self-expression, as well as imagination games that encourage expressive language play.

The Children's Group Inc.:
Classical music for children, parents, grandparents and teachers. Products include Don Campbell's The Mozart Effect recordings and the Classical Kids series.

Danceland – CD with booklet (2002)
Kristen Fitz Taylor and Cheryl McDonald in collaboration with Lois Hickman, Aubrey Lande, and Bob Wiz
Fun songs and activities to improve sensory skills.

Marvelous Mouth Music – CD with booklet (2002)
Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., with Aubrey Lande and Bob Wiz
Bring speech development to life through musical play!

Songames for Sensory Integration – 2-CD set with booklet (2001)
Aubrey Lande, Bob Wiz and friends
Offers a world of developmental play activities for young children

Soothing the Senses (2005)
music by Fred Hersch
Luxuriously gentle and lyrical selections to relax and soothe the senses

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