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Dear Friends of The SPD Foundation

Our Playground Vision

The Mobius Climber by Landscape Structures

The Roller Table by Landscape Structures

The Cozy Dome by Landscape Structures

Elevated Sand Table by Landscape Structures

The Omni Spinner by Landscape Structures

We are so excited to share with you our plans for the future. Just this week our partner treatment facility, the STAR (Sensory Therapies And Research) Center has received its non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service. That means the Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Foundation and the STAR center can be true partners as we move forward to help children, adolescents and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder and their families. AT OUR NEW HOME IN Greenwood Village, Colorado we can together work towards obtaining our 2000 square foot outdoor sensory playground!

For the playground vision, we are going to be partnering with the award winning inclusive playground company, Landscape Structures, Inc. In addition to being inclusive for all children, their playgrounds are innovative with equipment that is perfect for sensory kids. Take for example their Mobius climber. This unique climbing equipment is perfect for youngsters with Dyspraxia, one of the SPD subtypes. Because the equipment has never been seen or experienced before, the child must make new motor patterns to successfully climb on the Mobius.

Or take another example, the Roller Table. For children with Sensory Over-Responsiveness, Sensory Under-Responsiveness or Sensory Craving, the Roller Table provides deep tactile and proprioceptive stimulation while motivating children to participate because it is so much fun. Children with all sorts of modulation challenges can obtain the "just right" stimulation while playing with others in our beautiful, 300+ days of sunshine in colorful Colorado!

Our new is based on arousal modulation, relationships and engagement. For little ones who often have trouble being over-stimulated and/or have difficulty initiating and maintaining social interactions with others, the Cozy Dome is just the ticket. Of course in intervention we use many principles of sensory integration therapy as proposed by Dr A. Jean Ayres, but we have moved forward from what is known as Ayres®SensoryIntegration to a more parent-education/attunement and engagement-based therapeutic model. What we work on most is coaching parents and reframing children's issues so that quality of life for children and families can be addressed. The Cozy Dome provides a refuge from the busy play elsewhere on the playground! Little ones often need breaks so that they don't become overwhelmed and melt down. If we can teach them when to take their own breaks (using what we call a "time-in" method in small places like the Cozy Dome, a pup tent, or a large cardboard box-type cave - instead of a "time-out" method), we consider that a glowing success!

Sand and water, an immortal combination since time began! And what better place to make a mess and have fun while learning to habituate to unwanted sensory stimulation than the sand and water station! Not only is this sand and water combo irresistible, the sand table sets up instant social participation opportunities. Once children are clients they will have access to the playground during special "group times" too! So they can come to STAR to play when they are not in therapy...just like other kids go to playgrounds for fun!

And check this out too - the Omni Spinner! For kids learning to tolerate movement, the Omni Spinner is solid and can creep around. For those craving movement it can spin readily for "fun fast" arousal. For those who need heavy work, running while pushing the Omni Spinner is just the ticket! And all of it within the context of playing with others...(grownups fit on it too!)

As for traditional sliding, climbing and hiding in tall forts, we will have just the thing! Slides with a twist...for two, for three, or slalom slides for the brave at heart. Now sliding isn't a solitary activity any more. Meet your STAR center friends and play!

Some of the Slides by Landscape Structures

Of course, we are being true to our SPD Foundation mission and researching the effectiveness of playgrounds on play! (Guess what? They work!)

The STAR Center and the SPD Foundation is where it is all coming together! We hope to see you here. Whether you are a parent of a child with SPD, or a professional coming to our Mentorship program, or an adult with SPD, come visit us at STAR Center and the SPD Foundation so we can show you all the latest!

If you are in Colorado on October 16 please join us for our 1st Annual 5k walk and 1 mile family walk. Use Your Senses One Step at a Time is a benefit walk for both the SPD Foundation and the STAR Center. We hope to raise enough money to build this incredible playground that will be used for both research and treatment.

The walk will start and end at the brand new space for the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation and STAR Center. The walk ends with tours of the new facility, celebrating with food from Lime, drinks, music, fun photos, face painting for the kids, balloon animals, giveaways and more! Plus, all registered walkers will receive a free T-shirt and gift bag. Get an early start on holiday shopping! There will be exhibitors selling jewelry, gifts and more. Registration stars at 8 AM and the walk starts at 9 AM. Learn more and pre-register online today!

Whether you live in Colorado or not you can still participate in raising funds for our playground by creating your own pledge page and asking your family and friends to donate to your cause. Download the instructions for creating a donation page. It's easy!

You know that without your support our dreams could not come true! Thank you all forever!

Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR
Founder and Executive Director

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