If you caught last year’s movie New Year's Eve, you probably remember Sarge, the guy who played bodyguard and confidant to Jon Bon Jovi’s character. The role for Sarge (born Steve Pickman) came as a welcome surprise. It wasn’t just any awesome offer -- director Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, anyone?) had written the part specifically for him. What exactly inspired Marshall to swoop up this comedian and stage performer? His happiness. Apparently, Marshall was hugely impacted the night he saw Sarge perform at a Hollywood tribute show for actor Louis Gossett Jr. A huge aspect of the comedy world plays off of dislikes, life’s difficulties, and self-deprecation. Sarge is one of those performers who has lifted himself so far out of his troubles that he makes a conscious effort to project the good stuff, or at least make light of the tough stuff. And he has seen his share of tough times, beginning with the challenge of forming an identity within an adopted home as a half-back/half-Jewish kid in New York, where he was teased by peers for a heritage he didn’t totally understand. He had a homeless stint and some hard times with substance abuse addiction throughout the years, but with the support of friends, he found a way out. And up. He has been sober since 1990.  


The road to performance was an early starting one, albeit a little scattered. He started playing piano at the age of three and attempted acting but quit that early on (until now). He ended up working at various modeling agencies, starting his own company, and worked for CBS Sports and ESPN before someone eventually suggested he try comedy. He agreed with the sentiment, did a showcase at a comedy club, and got signed to the William Morris Agency. The next step was working as a cruise ship performer where he met his current wife and mother to his son, Zander.

Sarge has been doing comedy shows that showcase not only his comedy chops but his ability to play the piano and sing. He even takes requests sometimes and plays by ear. In addition to performing at shows, he also gets up in front of the group at sober living speaking engagements, feeling that his humor is a gift to share in uplifting and encouraging others.

Sarge is very special to the SPD Foundation. He is the father of a remarkable little boy with Sensory Processing Disorder. Sarge was so inspired by the work done with his son at the STAR Center, the treatment partner of the SPD Foundation that he wanted to help change the world for all of those affected by this disorder. The proceeds of Sarge events will go toward continuing SPD research and supporting treatment for children with SPD.

Our first event with Sarge was at our Boston Symposium on March 17th. It was a perfect reprieve from the 2 days of learning and a great way to celebrate St. Patty's Day. Sarge was a huge hit!

We will be scheduling events all over the United States with Sarge. As the locations and dates are firmed up we will add the details to this page. Please check back often.



Check out his YouTube channel and Official Website for videos of his performances.