Our Sensational Supporters

The sensational research, education and advocacy of the SPD Foundation are made possible by the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government funds.

The following donors have brought hope and help to children, adults, and families living with Sensory Processing Disorder. On behalf of all the sensational kids and families who benefit, we thank each of these generous donors for their support in 2012-2013.

Our Sensational Supporters

Sensational Benefactors ($25,000 and more)

  • Jonathan L. Brandt
  • Wallace Research Foundation

Phenomenal Patrons ($5,000-$24,999)

  • Roxanne Brandt
  • DTC Rotary Club
  • Carol Kranowitz
  • Katy Miller
  • Twelve Twenty-One Fund

Superb Supporters ($1000-$4,999)

  • Chapman Family Foundation
  • Robyn Chu
  • Grace Roberti Foundation
  • Edythe Miller
  • Scott and Stephanie Rostan
  • Rubens Family Foundation

Splendid Sponsors ($500-$999)

  • B.R. Cohn Charity Events
  • Sheryl Benjamin
  • Shari Coskey
  • Leslie Feltman
  • Edward Goldson
  • Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors
  • Peggy and David Marks
  • Carol Schoen
  • Douglas Schoen
  • The Robert & Marcia Oswald Family Foundation
  • Weisblat Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Fabulous Friends ($250-$499)

  • Susan Baskin
  • Timothy Becker
  • Yulene Broussard
  • Murray Cohen
  • Tasha Eurich
  • Dean Fogerty
  • Tim Hoyman
  • Christopher and Sandra Karcher
  • Tyson Kasperbauer
  • Irene Kershaw
  • Maggie Lesher
  • Victoria Lierheimer
  • Kathryn Osterholzer
  • Albert Reid
  • Cheri Rosenfeld
  • Gina St. Aubin
  • Mallory Steffen
  • Daniel Strack

Peerless Boosters (Up to $250)

  • Hundreds of people whose support has helped us help

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