As the leader in Sensory Processing Disorder research, education and advocacy, the SPD Foundation offers an abundance of services and programs for professionals, parents, and anyone interested in knowing more about the sensory challenges that affect children academically, socially, and/or in their emotional development..


– online courses available 24/7 – where and when you need them; CEUs available International Symposium – annual conference showcasing the latest in SPD science and strategies
Intensive Mentorships – unique small-group learning opportunities for professionals who assess and treat SPD Membership – the opportunity to support SPD research and advocacy while receiving valuable discounts and benefits
Books and CDs – a select list of resources about and for sensational kids



Our website – the most comprehensive and accurate source of information about Sensory Processing Disorder on the worldwide web Our Blog – Frequent posts from parents and from the worldwide source of research-based information on SPD and other sensory challenges
– access to a unique online source for high-quality sensory products where every purchase supports SPD research Our library – scores of clinical articles, FAQs, and other valuable SPD information organized by topic for easy reference
News and reportsSensations, our quarterly newsletter, links to news and broadcasts, and regular updates on SPD and programs from the SPD Foundation Our Treatment Directory – more than 1,000 treatment providers nationwide committed to working with sensational kids
Our advocacy – tireless efforts to raise the visibility of SPD in the general, medical, therapeutic, and insurance worlds and to advocate for diagnostic recognition of the disorder in the 2013 revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) SPD-Parent Connections groups – more than 80 community-based family support and activist organizations serving families worldwide
Our research – the only full-time program of SPD scientific study dedicated to benefiting the families and professionals who live and work with Sensory Processing Disorder everywhere Downloadable flyers – handouts and templates you can print at home and use to explain SPD and promote SPD awareness; some in Spanish